Sweetheart Photographers
Behind the Scenes

You never know where you'll meet the love of your life.

We met in college in 2007 over a game of pool (Ashley won thanks to the 8 ball).  After a round or two, we found out we lived in the same building.

We loved similar shows like "I Love Lucy" and "Friends", made each other laugh, had a water fight or two, shared each other's stress for those end-of-term papers, and in December that year, began our new adventures together when we became husband and wife.

While we have differences (all sweethearts do and we wouldn't have it any other way), we loved how we complimented each other, built each other up, and (just as importantly) loved eating cheap Chinese food together and chilling out to terrible 80's music videos (thank goodness for Oingo Boingo).


We believe that when you marry your best friend, love is an adventure. We want to help you capture that on your special day with your sweetheart.

While it's always recommended to have two photographers for your wedding, we take it a step further and recommend two in-sync, experienced photographers who will help capture your vision of your dream day.

That's why we recommend getting the A&J experience-- one you can only get with us!

We are based in St. George, UT though we've traveled for numerous wedding venues and love meeting all our new couples!