10 Things You May Not Know About Ashley

1.  I Can Curl My Tongue in 3 Loops and Make My Eyes Go Crazy

This skill was an ultimate ice breaker on dates in college.  It’s also handy when we shoot family sessions to win the affection of the little ones.  

2.  I Am a Total Nerd

The funny thing about me being a nerd is I didn’t realize it when I was in high school.  I genuinely thought I was cool even though I didn’t really hang out with the “cool kids.”  Later when I was dating Justin, telling him about me in high school, he was the one that broke the news to me.  I was a happy nerd though, so I guess it works.

3.  I Have the WEIRDEST Dreams

In a psychology class when we had to keep a dream journal for a month, that was the first time I realized my dreams are not like other people’s.  Some of them are pretty whacked out I won’t lie.  

4.  I Have a Degree in English

​Since I was 3, I have loved to read!  I usually read 1-2 books a week, and it is surprising now that I started my college career working to become a pharmacist when English is just so me.  Yes, I know that’s not strictly English textbook, but this is my blog, not sixth period!  I knew I was in the right place when my History and Structure of the English Language book absolutely enthralled me.  If I were to get another degree now, it would probably be business.  

5.  My Favorite TV Shows are Gilmore Girls and I Love Lucy

Not only do I love these shows, Justin does too, and we often watch them together along with a few others we love.  I was beyond thrilled for the Gilmore Girls Revival and was a little to a lot disappointed with certain aspects of it and totally loved others.  Funny enough, when I talk to other people about it,  the problems I have with it are different than the problems they had with it. Strange!  Also, I may be the only person ever who thinks Rory should have ended up with Marty.

6.  I Love to Celebrate Random Obscure Holidays

From Harry Potter Day and Guy Fawkes Night to Elvis’s birthday and Pi Day, we love to celebrate little holidays with our kids.  Sometimes the big holidays get so busy and have so much pressure attached to them, that it is fun to just relax and enjoy something really simple and fun.  It sometimes feels like cheating too when we are having a blast on a typical Tuesday.

7.  I Love to Cook

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, the more complicated the recipe the better.  And I am super proud of the recipes that I have made up and perfected myself.  

8.  I Can Get Really Immature

When I am tired or just feeling in the mood, I can be really immature.  Thankfully for me, Justin finds this irresistibly charming.  

9.  I Love to Box

Twice a week for our morning workout, Justin and I like to break out our boxing gloves and mitts.  There is something that breaks loose in me, and I punch with a fury.  I love it!

10.  I Worked in Pharmacy for Over 12 Years

I started out at 16 as a clerk in a pharmacy, became a technician, and then later taught Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Math classes at our local Tech College.  My favorite part of all of it was teaching, and it was really hard to leave my job last year; but I am so grateful to be doing photography full time.  

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