10 Things You May Not Know About Justin

Pardon my headshot.  I’m trying to pull my best “Dos Equis” guy face.  Don’t worry, I have no illusions– I know he makes it look better.  So odds are you know I have a passion for photography; here’s some things you probably don’t know about me…

1.  I Am a Movie Buff

This one will not surprise any close friends, but movies are my jam.  And yes, it’s a wide selection of them.  I make up about 1.3% of all hits to Rotten Tomatoes looking at movies to watch.  I even know who directs most movies I see (HUGE fan of Christopher Nolan), which I am to understand is ‘not normal’.  My tops are “The Godfather”, “Princess Bride”, “Lord of the Rings”, and “La La Land” (2016).  Also my less conventional favorites are “Earth Girls Are Easy” (1988- excellent ridiculous 80’s film), “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004- one of Jim Carrey’s best), “Airplane!” (1980- I think this made one or two ‘must-see’ lists, so borderline conventional), and “Dumb and Dumber” (1994- could watch this any time)

2.  On that note, I also Love Scary Movies/Shows

Ashley didn’t mention it in hers, but she’s terrified of scary movies (she has to watch something happy after ‘Hocus Pocus’).  I, on the other hand, love a good scary flick.  First movie I ever saw that scare me was “IT” with Tim Curry (and no, haven’t seen the remake).  But not just any kind of scary movies, I LOVE the B-movie, low special effects, badly acted horror movies (they’re just so bad they’re hard to not watch, really—basically 80’s movies).

3.  I Got My Degree in Business

I LOVE Business.  I even enjoyed Accounting—yes, I’m a nerd and have accepted it graciously– but I had Dr. Barrett who referred to a Balance Sheet as the epic battle between good and evil—so I had it better than most.

4.  As You’ve Guessed, I’m a Nerd

​I got along with about everyone I met in school (except the occasional art teacher– I was a little more arrogant then).  I love history and generally suck at sports (upping my game in basketball this last three months though, so– working it).  I even have super bad eyes (like legally blind without contacts, don’t know why, I swear no one in my family or any of my social circles comes close to my prescription).

5.  I’ve Literally Never Broken a Bone

That’s right, never broken a leg, foot, or generally gotten hurt so bad I had to wear a cast.  Only time I’ve been to the hospital for myself (birth not included here) is when I got my appendix out.  Hmm, I should probably go knock on wood.

6.  Rome is My Dream Vacation

Ashley’s is England (I’m more excited to go now after watching ‘The Crown’), mine is Rome, Italy!  LOVE Roman history and architecture (yes, it’s a rip-off from the Greeks; Romans had more money).  Luckily England was actually a Roman territory for a time, so we’ll be seeing some of their influence next month.

7.  It is REALLY Hard for Me to Binge-Watch Shows or Start a New Show

I have the hardest time getting into a new show (like I have to be dragged into it, to Ashley’s dismay).  Luckily sometimes I stick with it and find a “Parks and Rec” or “Life in Pieces”—which are outstanding and highly recommended.  Even then, I can only watch 2-3 episodes max in a sitting before I want to move on.  Even my favorite shows like “Game of Thrones” or “Stranger Things” take me forever to get through a season.

8.  I LOVE Elvis!

Long live a-the King! 

9.  Lived in the Caribbean

Spent a few years in the Dominican Republic (island connected to Haiti), you’d be hard-pressed to find more amazing people.

10.  Though Landlocked, I Prefer the Ocean

When I’m by the ocean, I feel home (6 hours away now in the desert now, but someday I plan to have a summer home there—you know, when I make my millions).  I occasionally see myself on a small fisher boat akin to Quint out in the ocean for a day or two crab fishing.  As a note, crab fishing is the best (cleaning a crab is messy and awesome and if you’re a rookie you’ll get your bait stolen by a sea lion at least once—don’t worry, you learn).  My favorite animal is a shark and my screen saver is usually an old harbor.

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