7 Strange Things We Pack On a Wedding Day

Packing for a wedding day is no easy chore for anyone involved!  We have seen planners arrive with moving trucks, so we can’t rival them; but we often look like we are spending a weekend away (and for some weddings we really are).  We pack all the obvious things, but there are a few not so obvious things we bring as well.

1. Safety Pins

You never know when something is going to snap or a train won’t pin.  We always carry these to ease last minute anxiety.

2. Crochet Hook

You know those rows of gorgeous buttons on a wedding dress?  We absolutely love them in photos, but they tend to be pretty difficult to work.  As a matter of side interest, Ashley has become a master of these buttons.  But we always carry a crochet hook to help mom out.  Getting out of the dress is even harder, and it is a must have for that!

3. Bow Tie

It has happened!  A groomsman shows up without his bow tie.  Once we even had a groom lose his and not realize until minutes before the ceremony.  It’s a strange thing to haul around but an absolute life saver when we do.  

4. Tissues

When people see a bride for the first time, or when mom watches the daddy daughter dance, there are bound to be tears!  First we photograph them, and then we offer a tissue.

5. Bubble Machine

Bubble exits are beautiful!  The only trouble is those little bubble bottles make it tough to produce enough for the look the bride and groom are going for.  If bubbles are on the agenda, we carry a bubble machine to give it a little boost.

6. Boutinear Pins

Ashley has also pinned hundreds of bouteneers!  They can be difficult to get on especially when the small pins are sent instead of the big ones for whatever reason.  We carry big ones to help out.  We also double pin the groom’s boutineer.  Lots of hugging tends to lead to shifting, and we want that baby to stay in place.

7. Millions of Batteries!

Okay, so you probably expect this one, but really, we have so many batteries!!  Between cameras and lighting and transmitters, we carry no less than 60 batteries of all sorts to our weddings.  It looks like charging central at our house before and after all wedding days.  

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