Tips for Women: Look Your Best in Photos

I get totally freaked out when it is family picture time!  Like full on panic about how I will look.  I really want my photos to be special, and all that stress usually makes my photos worse.  The thing about being photogenic is it is mostly a state of mind.  When I think I will look bad in photos, I usually do.  If you think you will look amazing, you probably will.  Justin and I love to capture people at their very best, so we work hard to make our subjects relax and enjoy the photo experience.  And it shines through in the photos every time.  So before your next photo session, take a deep breath.

Beyond being relaxed and comfortable, here are our additional top tips to look fabulous in your next photo session:

  1. Complement Your Best Features.  Tiny waist?  Accentuate with a belt or a dress that shows you off there.  If not, avoid drawing attention where you’d prefer not to.  For instance, my arms are not as thin as they used to be, so I wear long or 3 quarter sleeves so as not to draw attention there.  As a general rule, skin and patterns draw more attention. 
    • “Say Yes to the Dress”.  When Oscar time rolls around, notice all the women are in dresses instead of pants?  Dresses make a woman look more feminine and are universally flattering especially on camera.  Long, full-length, flowy dresses and skirts look amazing on camera because they bring extra movement to the photos. Especially when juxtaposed with nature, like the desert, forest, plains or beach. Consider softer fabrics like chiffon or tulle which allow for beautiful movement in the images.  
    • Close-toed Heals, Every Time.  Heals elongate a woman’s leg, making them appear longer and leaner.  Who doesn’t want that, right?  Close-toed heals especially work to extend that line without creating a break to the eye.  If you are anticipating a lot of walking, you can bring a pair of flats to help you move about between shots easier. 
    • Go to Pros for Hair and Makeup.  Makeup looks different in camera than it does in the mirror.  So when you think you look perfect, but your face looks washed out in the final product, you aren’t crazy.  Makeup for photos must be a little darker (not too dark, just slightly darker than your ‘usual’).  It is a crazy balance to strike, and professional artists should know how to give you the look you really want.

    Additional Makeup Tip: Because the camera tends to flatten out the face and blend the colors, contouring and lipstick are a must to look amazing!  To make your eyes pop, eye liner on the upper lid and fake eyelashes go a long way.  No need to spend a ton–strip lashes work fantastic. 

    These tips should help a ton when it comes time for your next photo session.  For those clients interested in the A&J photo experience, we include these and many more tips in our style guide for our customers.  It is a compilation of everything we know to make your next photo experience a fun, relaxing one. 

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