London’s Calling

As we neared the city, Justin’s excitement was palpable.  This was the stop he had been waiting for!  We made a beeline to check out the Roman Baths very first.  While the entire city is built after the Roman style, this bath is the reason why.  The original town of Aqua Sulis was founded in 44 AD.  These baths were built about that time.  Across from the Baths, stands the majestic Bath Abbey which was one of the singular most beautiful buildings we saw on our entire adventure.  The detail in the architecture and carvings left us quite literally speechless which is quite a feat for me!  

Justin was giddy!  You can almost imagine the Romans lounging around this amazing bath.

One of the most interesting moments was when we had the opportunity to taste the bath water.  It has very heavy mineral content and is supposedly very good for you and will cure a myriad of ailments.  Our assessment was that it is terrible!  And the most interesting thing about it is it gets more terrible after you drink it!

While Justin could have spent the entire day at the baths, the girls were excited to go to the fashion museum.  And most especially so to try on as many clothes as they could.  Justin was a sport as he held all our coats for the occasion!

The next day we visited a fascinating Georgian apartment, left almost entirely as it was when it was at its height of fashion. 

The girls had been watching documentaries for months, and they were most excited to see this dog that used to turn the meat to roast.

And of course, put on more costumes.

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