Happy Birthday Justin–10 Reasons I Love You!

I sit here at a keyboard unsure of what to say not because I don’t know a million things I love about you, but because it’s unbearably difficult to narrow it down to what I love most!  You are truly my best friend!  The one I want to run to when I am sad, the one I want to laugh with all the time, and the one I can discuss anything with and make it fun!  So here goes–an attempt to narrow down just a little.  

1.  I love that you sing and dance with me in the car!  No matter how much it embarrasses the kids, you will dance and sing with me!  And you totally support me trying to get random construction workers on the side of the road to join in (which they have done!).  

2.  I love that you love movies and can discuss them for hours!  

3.  I love that when I come to you with a problem, you always ask, “Do you want me to give advice, or do you just want me to listen?”  This skill is one that all men must learn.  You are a master of helping me find my own way, and a careful attentive listener.

4.  I love that when I have a crazy, spontaneous scheme, you are totally on board!  Whether it’s a family trip to Europe or a spur of the moment trip to Vegas, you always support me and help me make my favorite memories.

5.  I love that you are handsome as all get out, the handsomest man I’ve ever seen for that matter!  I love that this causes all the old ladies to make totally inappropriate comments!  

6.  I love that you are my biggest fan and cheerleader!  You make me feel like nothing is impossible, and you make me want to be a better person every day, to be the person you believe I am.

7.  I love that you dance with me in the kitchen, holding me tight and sing in my ear.  Your excellent singing skills definitely help in that!

8.  I love that you are funny and that we spend most our time laughing!  No matter what situation has been thrown our way, you always make it better!

9.  I love that you are good at everything!  You always try to be the best at everything you do, and you always come through.  You are constantly growing into an even more amazing man because of it!

10.  I love the father that you are!  I know that growing up with all brothers didn’t prepare you at all to raise a house of girls, but you are the best daddy to our sweet daughters.  They look at you with absolute adoration, and you are showing them the man they should look for every day!  I love that you always want to spend time with them, that you make up fun games with them, and that they have your gorgeous eyes!

Happy birthday Babe!

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