Happy Birthday Justin!

Justin’s birthday was actually a few days ago, but this post wasn’t written earlier because we had a raging case of flu hit our house.  Boy was it nasty!  Fortunately, Justin wasn’t sick for his birthday, but unfortunately I was.  He never complained though; he just took amazing care of me and our girls.  He is incredible like that.  That is my absolute favorite thing about him!  If a stinky situation comes his way, he makes the very best of things.  And even when times are really hard, we still find a way to have a good time, and that is in large part due to him.

Some of my other favorite things include:

  • He is unbelievably handsome! 
  • He has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.  He always wants to learn to do something new and become better.
  • He is absolutely the best dad on the planet.  His girls are his world, and they absolutely adore him!
  • He has an amazing work ethic.  He literally doesn’t stop much!  He works at his job, comes home helps with the house, and then works with me on our business in the evenings.  We do stop and relax too, but I have a hard time keeping up with his drive. 
  • We have amazing conversations because he thinks so deeply about things.  He wants to experience all of life, and he wants to give so much back.
  • He is the most fun person I know!  We can do pretty much anything and have an amazing time with it!  There is no one I would rather be with!

I love so much more about him, but I literally could go on all day, so I will leave it there for this year.  In short, I am so glad he is alive and he is mine!

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