Harry Potter Day

We feel very fortunate to live by family.  Major holidays are spent with both families we love and adore.  In order to create some of our own traditions without putting too much extra strain on already strained holidays (Christmas anyone…), we decided to start celebrating extra holidays.  Harry Potter Day has quickly become a favorite in our house.  Last year when we took our kids to the Harry Potter Studios in London, it has become a fun obsession among our kiddos!  

This Harry Potter Day we started with a feast in our great hall.  We enjoyed bangers and mash, Yorkshire pudding, along with chicken wings, corn and salad (because that’s what they serve at the feast in the first movie).  After, Justin led them in a potions class where they basically made Koolaid with dry ice, but we forgot the sugar, so it was quite bad…oops!! Then we made wands, and then it was a quick game of pin the scar on Harry. 

All night, the kiddos enjoyed treats from the dessert trolley, including licorice wands, pumpkin pasties, every flavor beans, and sticky toffee pudding, all washed down with Butterbeer.  The evening was definitely a success!  The pictures show all the details, complete with our very own Monster’s Book of Monsters (Justin made it and totally rocked it!).  It rides around on our roomba vacuum throughout the evening.  

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