How to Clean Your Engagement Ring For Your Session

We all want to look fantastic in our pictures!  Justin and I send out an extensive style guides to our brides and grooms to prep them and help them look their very best.  One thing that can be easily overlooked though is making your ring look its very best as well.

Top Recommendation: Take It To Your Jeweler

Hands down, for your beautiful engagement ring to look it’s most brilliant and clean is by taking it for a short stop at your local jeweler.  They can clean it, dip it, remove bits that have gotten wedged between diamonds or bands, and make sure it looks it’s best.  It’s what we do and what we’d recommend!

Now, if it’s time to leave for a session and you forgot to swing by the jeweler for a quick clean, you can still get your ring nice and shiny brilliant at home very simply.

If Cleaning at Home

Start with very warm water, some may call hot; and add a bit of dish soap.  Soak your ring for 20ish minutes and use a very soft bristled brush to gently clean away the makeup, hairspray, flour, cheeto dust (I’m not the only one with this problem right?…), whatever finds its way in the little crevices. 

If your stones are dirty from more than just everyday chip dust, and the solution doesn’t lift it, do not use stronger chemicals on the ring!  Things like cleaners, bleach, solvents can have very damaging effects on your gorgeous diamonds.  In that case, a quick trip to the jeweler will clear that right up. 

It makes a difference

I like to get my ring inspected at the jeweler regularly to prevent my diamonds falling out (they check them when they clean, and I get to look at pretty, blingy rings while they do it, yes please!), so before you come to shoot, give that ring some love so it can look its best in each beautiful shot.

Remember, during our engagement and formal sessions, your ring will also be getting a close up at times, so make sure it looks its best!  

(Special thanks to Forever Young Fine Jeweler for the rings used in this post)

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