Making Someday Today

When Justin and I first got married, we started to make our list of “somedays”  We would talk about going crab fishing on the Oregon coast and wandering the castles of England, laying on the beaches of the Carribean, and experiencing the breathtaking beauty of Big Sur.  We had a long list, and we talked about someday a lot.

As the years wore on, we added more to our list, so many things, including starting our own business.  And then one day, Justin and I were talking about crab fishing in Oregon.  Justin said he was excited to do it one day, and I looked at him and asked, “Why not now?”  And that day two and a half years ago changed everything for us. 

We bought an old tent trailer, fixed it up, and with three kids in tow, took a dream trip down the Oregon and California coast. 

It was ten days of crab fishing, driving, ocean spray, and stunning views.  We saw San Fransisco, Tilamook, Big Sur, and Hearst Castle; and we loved every minute of it!  We vowed to make it a yearly adventure, and last year we loved it even more if possible. 

From that moment, we have vowed to make all our “somedays” todays instead.  We even booked a trip to England!  One of the craziest was starting this photography business.  But we decided to chase this dream too!  We are so glad we did because we love every bit of it!  And while we have had our challenged, we are in this together, and that’s a lot. 

While the coming years don’t seem as clear to us as before, we are going into the unknown, boldly in the direction of our dreams; and we can’t wait to see what comes!

Here’s to the ones who dream…” – Emma Stone, “La La Land”

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