Our Engagement Story – Part 1

Justin took my hand as we strolled through the streets of St George after dark.  Our perfect Summer was winding down, and we talked of Fall plans and our looming semester when school and homework would pile onto our jobs and make our time together a lot less frequent.  I was sad, thinking of losing the late night volleyball games and runs through the sprinklers.  While we both loved college and were excited to start our future, we wanted to stay in our bubble a little longer.

The air was cool, the first cool evening in weeks thanks to a recent thunderstorm.  Everything smelled clean and fresh, almost as though we could feel Fall pushing its way in, changing things.  We walked the 2 miles to our favorite evening spot under a tree at the St George Temple in the heart of St George City.  

Talk of our Fall plans turned into something more, plans past Fall and beyond.  Justin suddenly asked about plans for the rest of my life.  I looked into his eyes and saw my entire future in that moment.  No matter what happened, what challenges came, I knew I wanted to do it all with him.  In that moment, Justin suddenly got on one knee in a completely unplanned, spontaneous gesture, and he asked simply if I would make him the happiest man of all and marry him.  Without a second thought I said yes!  

Justin admitted he had no plans of proposing, so a ring wasn’t part of the deal, and I didn’t care, it was perfect, and I couldn’t wait to make all my plans with him forever.

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