Our Love Story – Part 2

The First Date

Justin texted me to ask me on that first date… yes, texted.  He is so lucky he is charming and hot.  He was super bogged down at work and didn’t have time for a call.  Now I think texting to ask on a date is perfectly acceptable, but it was not so much a decade ago.  He picked me up after work, drove to Mesquite for dinner (about a 30 minute drive), and I found out he was pretty great.  When we arrived at the restaurant, his parents were there to eat with us.  This totally took me by surprise because meeting the folks on the first date isn’t exactly conventional.  Luckily, his parents were super fun, and we had a nice time.

The drive home, I committed to going miniature golfing once we got back to St George, but that was never to be.  We got into a pretty big traffic jam, and the extremely hot weather combined with idling was not so nice on the old engine of his Pontiac.  We overheated and pulled over.  Luckily a very nice man came along to save us after 20 minutes or so, but that was not the end of the journey.  The car overheated 3 more times, and it took more than 2 hours to make the journey home.

I will be forever grateful that happened though because it was one of the most fun dates of my life up to that time!  Justin was cool and calm during the whole thing.  We laid back, put our feet out the window, fanned ourselves to beat the sweltering heat, and talked about so much!  And we laughed!  Oh did we laugh!  It was a dream when it could have been a nightmare!  I was so impressed with how he handled the whole thing, and I knew if we could have fun even though we could have easily baked to death in the 100 degree Nevada desert, we could probably have fun the rest of our lives.  

And we definitely have!  We have since found ourselves in some interesting situations on some of the crazy adventures we find ourselves on, and we still laugh.  Just last year we took a trip down the Pacific Coast, and on our way through the Nevada desert once again, the front of our trailer blew off.  Literally, it was gone.  At first we looked at each other in utter disbelief, but we climbed into our trailer, ghetto fixed it with yarn and a flexible cutting board (which we found very funny) until we found a Family Dollar where we could buy duct tape.  We proceeded to “fix” our trailer.  With each new strip of tape we fixed to this already old, made in the early 80’s, tent trailer we laughed about how we would probably get kicked out of the RV parks with a get up like that. 

As we used up the last of the 3 rolls of industrial duct tape, we decided we’d better grab more in case maybe the bumper wanted to fly off too.  The cashiers remarked how they’d been watching us and were so entertained at how much fun we seemed to be having when we were so clearly screwed.  And that is Justin and I in a nutshell.

The first date didn’t end in miniature golf, rather we ended up at the store buying emergency supplies for his trunk in the event his car had problems in the middle of nowhere again.  To this day we still keep emergency supplies in the car; and I love to look at that bin of oil, antifreeze, water, and first aid supplies (and now duct tape) and remember  where it all started for us.  It really could not have been a better first date.

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