Our Love Story – Part 1

Justin and I met over a game of pool.  We knew of each other but had never actually spoken.  I thought his name was Ken because that’s what all the girls in my building called him. (They said he looked like a Ken Barbie doll, which he totally did–lucky me!)  I had wandered into the rec room because a guy I liked could be found there about then. 

I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight because mostly I don’t subscribe to that theory, but man was he hot!  We played, and while Justin says it’s not important who won that day, I like to remind him it was me.  It was total beginners luck or him letting me win because I have never beat him since, but that first day he totally went down. 

I found out he was about to move into my apartment building, and after a few hours of talking which felt like minutes, we went bowling with some friends.  My roommate flirted with him the whole night, and he seemed interested, so I didn’t give it much more thought. 

Fast forward a few weeks later and many late night group hang outs, a bunch of friends were in his apartment talking and laughing when he mentioned he thought he would have been engaged by then.  He turned to me totally serious and said, “We are well matched, we should get married.”  Without missing a beat, I said, “Sure!”  Justin says my willingness to go along with the joke was when he became interested.  We totally freaked out one of his friends too telling him we were engaged after only 2 weeks of knowing each other.  They were justifiably concerned, and we were having the time of our lives.

Next week, a bunch of people were going to hang out at the lake, which in St George in the Summer heat of 110 degrees plus, is the only place to hang out.  I invited Justin to come along, and he told me he had to do laundry… Laundry!  Really!  I figured he was not interested, and I found I was disappointed, and that’s when I knew.  He told me later he really was interested; he was just extremely low on laundry.  He didn’t understand that this was a straight up I just want to be friends rejection line.  Poor guy didn’t grow up with sisters to help him out with girl language.  Now he has 3 daughters, so he is becoming quite fluent. 

The first date came a bit after that, and that was quite the story in and of itself. 

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