Our Trip to Durango

Our family enjoyed some much needed fun and relaxation in Durango with my whole family.  Mine and Justin’s schedule has really gotten intense lately with weddings lining up, and while we couldn’t be more grateful, we are burning the candle at all ends it feels like. 

There’s nothing like camping in the mountains to really reset and refocus!

We enjoyed some amazing views, hiking, sliding, bungeeing (is that a word?…), and a tour of a mine and mining town!

I swear this youngest of mine is fearless!  She bungeed higher than anyone, and she did it without a single moment of hesitation, only pure joy

I literally could have gone down these slides all day! 

I have always wanted to learn to paddle board, and luckily this was an amazing opportunity.  I was terrified of falling off because the lake was made up of snow melt.  Thankfully, Justin and I both stayed on and had an incredible time!

Working the mining gear here!  I thought I had a future in it until I saw all the climbing into dark holes. 

I have a deep love for old towns with beautiful store fronts, and Silverton definitely didn’t disappoint! 

The fam hanging out in the park between rain storms.

We hit up Mesa Verde, and these kiddos of mine are ladder climbing champs. 

Crazy beautiful!

And this wouldn’t be complete without a posing picture of our little one!

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