Our Trip to Oregon

Oregon means so much to Justin and I!  It is the first trip we took when we decided to live our dreams.  The Pacific Coast Highway, and especially the Oregon coast has the power to help us feel anything is possible.  The sixteen hour drive (each way) was filled with talk of plans, dreams, pains, and joys!  As we talked uninterrupted, luxury to parents of three young girls, we connected in a way we’ve missed desperately for the last few busy months.  

We walked the beaches, ate amazing food, and marveled at incredible sunrises and even more incredible sunsets.

Photographing amazing couples in Oregon, was in a word, a dream come true!  They were kind and sincere and against the backdrop of the untamed coast, it was an experience I won’t soon forget.  As we left, I began to cry because home will always be two places for me now.

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