The First “I Love You”

On this day 10 years ago, Justin said, “I love you” for the first time!  The whole story sounds like a cliché, but he said it for the first time on our college campus, laying on a blanket, watching the fireworks.  And just like the fireworks that burst overhead and filled my whole head and excited every nerve in my body; Justin’s words filled my head and my heart.  In that moment, I was never the same because what we had was so refreshingly different. 

Of course, shortly thereafter we were run off the college campus by security because we weren’t supposed to be there after dark; but I think that only added to the fun of the evening.

I never knew I would end up with someone like him, but he far exceeded my expectations and continues to do so every day.  Not a day has gone by since where Justin hasn’t told me he loves me.  Through all the business trips out of town, the babies and diapers, and mac and cheese dinners; he has never allowed that spark to go out.  Even a few years ago when he had to go out of town on our anniversary, he left notes and had flowers delivered just so I would know completely that love was alive and real. 

I will never forget how much I loved him then, and I can’t describe how much I love him now; but it all began with those fireworks 10 years ago!

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