The Things We Love

Some interesting (stuff we like to pretend are perfectly normal) things about us:

First, we absolutely love cult classic, so terrible they are good B movies.  Honestly, the more ridiculous the better!  We absolutely loved Earth Girls Are Easy because the entire thing is riddled with just so awful joy!  I mean, on top of its ridiculous premise, it’s even a musical!  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  We especially love to pair these with cheap Chinese food!  Because, while most the things we eat we would actually classify as pretty healthy (thanks to the advent of 30 that hit our waistlines pretty hard), every once in a while you need a good hit of excellent garbage!  You can read more about the movies we love here.

Justin and I love to go to the gym every morning!  It has to do with the break from the kids, maybe the endorphin thing, but most especially I like the cardio cinema room.  Of course, with that comes the constant fear that I will end up on a gym fail channel of YouTube.  I tend to be a very jumpy person, who absolutely doesn’t like to be scared, and coordinating running on a treadmill with intense action flicks has proven to be a difficult task for me.  I swear I fell off the treadmill 6 times while watching World War Z.  Luckily, the regulars have gotten used to the strange girl in the corner who randomly flails and thuds.  In fact, I think they quite enjoy it; maybe too much. 

We love Doritos with fat free cottage cheese.  Maybe it’s that we feel the fat free cottage cheese balances out the not so healthy for you chips, but mostly it is so delicious!  In fact, if we do have cottage cheese in our fridge, it probably has nacho cheese in it because we scoop it right out of the container.  I even once held my brother in law’s water mug hostage and demanded Doritos and cottage cheese on my porch as ransom.  I told him they must be spicy nacho Doritos and it must be fat free cottage cheese.  And surprisingly, because of the studly, awesome fella he is; he even showed up with it (he has long since grown accustomed to my good natured antics). 

Just like other families, we love to play games.  But for some reason we never actually play the games we remember from our childhood with our own children.  We most often invent some wacko, make up the rules as we go along, games.  Our kids love this and request to play them over and over again!  Their favorites include alligator in the swamp, dog catcher, and kissy tag (not your traditional kiss tag…).

We love adventures!  Just like many families, we look forward to our vacations!  But we tend to go places and do things that most people with little kids wouldn’t even consider.  For instance, our favorite annual vacation is one down the Pacific Coast.  We drive up to Oregon and follow the coastline down through California, and back to St George.  Total driving is about 47 hours in 9 days, and we do this all in our 2005 Honda Pilot pulling a 1986 tent trailer.  Our friends say we are crazy, but luckily we have amazing kids and it’s always a good time!  Our next adventure will be a trip to Europe early next year!

Justin is a sucker for stocks!  Like in a really nerdy, built his own program to track it all kind of way.  With a young family, a business, and other things life throws our way; he doesn’t always get to trade as much as he’d like.  But when he does, he gets over the moon excited!  I tend to smile and nod when he goes on about all the company balance sheets and all those terms that go along with it, but his excitement for it is infectious.  He always says he is lucky to be doing the the things he loves most.  

Justin and I love quoting our favorite movies and shows.  And we have a ton of inside jokes.  We reference these so often it has become like a second language to us.  We have to temper it when we are around other people so they can actually understand what we are saying.

That is a little bit more about us…

And now I think I’d really like some Doritos and cottage cheese….

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