To Justin on Our 10 Year Anniversary

Ten years ago, as I walked to meet you before our ceremony, my stomach was filled with butterflies.  Nervously I walked down the hall reminding myself not to fall down–feeling like I may fly to pieces.  I saw you and the nervousness and trepidation fell away.  I was sure about you, sure about us.  And since that day, through all the uncertainties we’ve faced, I’ve never doubted you and never doubted that we are meant to be together.  I was sure 10 years ago I would never love you more.

You were the one who held my hair when I was so sick during pregnancy, held me so tight when our sweet girls were born.  You held my hand when we faced the unknown, held me  when we danced and celebrated, and held me when we faced disappointment.  You don’t care that I can’t decorate a birthday cake or keep the laundry done for more than 5 minutes.  You believe in me, encourage me, and love me for me.  You’re the reason I know exactly who I am is because you helped me find myself as a new wife and find myself again as a new mom.  

You are the person I want to share funny Buzzfeed articles with, watch terrible 80s music videos with, go on long road trips with, and spend every day with.  I love watching you raise our precious daughters, showing them they are brave and loved and deserve the world.  I love how you brush their hair, patiently play monopoly with them, and make up new games with them like Alligator in the Swamp (which you always lose).  

Through all our ups and downs, we have always come out stronger and holding hands.  No matter how many years we get to spend together, it will never be long enough for me!

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