To My Firstborn On Your Birthday

You are the baby that made me a mommy.  Nine years and nine months ago, as we stared at the two pink lines, your daddy and I sat in silence and awe.  I have never felt more profoundly changed than the moment I found out you were coming to me.  When you arrived, so tiny at barely over 6 pounds with tons of dark hair, I was instantly captivated.  Never had I experienced so much pain and so much joy.  You filled my world and made every day more significant for your presence.  

As we grew together, I cried nearly as much as you as I adjusted to the new demands of a little life so dependent on me.  I jumped at every squeak and worried at every fever.  I struggled to find a new me as I worked to help you do the same, and I am better for the struggle.  I am better for the pain.  I am better because of the long nights and endless worry and indescribable joy you bring to my life every day!  

You are responsible and curious and strong!  You make me proud to be your mother and have the privileged to watch you grow into the most amazing person!

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