To My Third Born On Your Birthday

Your entrance into the world was extra special.  Your pregnancy was fraught with the most difficulty, the most pain, and the hardest struggle of my entire life.  Though all my pregnancies were tough, yours was the first to very nearly claim my life and yours.  Together we fought back from the edge to bring you into the world.  Then weeks later, in the dead of night, with the hush of a quiet hospital, after an excruciating 26 hours of labor.  The pain gave way to the announcement we had another girl!  The months of anticipation, not knowing, choosing both a boy name and a girl, packing two outfits for the hospital, and there you were our perfect baby girl!  You have continued to do things on your own time table, in your own way, with determination and strength. 

I love your quick laughter, the way your eyes spark when you dig your heels in, and when you come snuggle with me in the early mornings.  I love your dance performances, the way you “make movies” every time you find a phone unattended, and your sweet drawings and presents. You are a fearless spirit!

Little girl, I can’t imagine all the amazing things you will accomplish!  You are a force, a leader, and a soft heart!  You are, and always will be my precious baby!

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