Today I Fell in Love

“Today I fell in love when you took my hand at the store”

“Today I fell in love when you took me in your arms and let me cry”

“Today I fell in love when you did the dishes in the sink”

“Today I fell in love when I watched you play ponies with our precious little girls”

One year, during a particularly difficult time for Justin and I, I kept a journal of all the reasons I loved him.  Quietly, every day, I wrote one thing that made me fall for him all over again.  Day after day, I was amazed at the incredible man I’d married, who just months ago was so human to me.  Sometimes there were grand gestures, but mostly it’s all the little things that add up to the incredible love story.  It’s the hand on the back as he guides me through the door, it’s the always taking the garbage out, it’s watching him hold the hands of our little girls, it’s those quiet whispers and butterfly inducing looks.  

These are the things that add up to the man of my dreams.  

I presented this book to Justin after a year on Christmas.  While it is a cherished gift and memory for him, and one of his favorite gifts of all time; a way to remind him how much I care, it is even more so for me.  I know that as I focus on the positive things in our relationship, I see the love story–and isn’t perspective everything?

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