When Dreams Come True–Side of the Road Castles

Arriving at the airport was when it hit me we weren’t in America anymore.  People were difficult to understand, and we were bumbling in the madness.  Upon entering our rental car, adjusting to our new seating arrangement, and pulling out on the road; it hit again that we weren’t in America anymore.  After the panic of cars coming at us the wrong way, and navigating our first few round abouts, we were feeling good and that England had finally set in.  Then, suddenly, we were on the wrong road.  It was excruciatingly thin, and a car passed us quite quickly.  Right then, sitting casually on the side of the road was a gorgeous, honest to goodness castle!  That is the moment that will forever stick as the actual moment England really hit us.  It is something experienced daily by its residence, but the magic of it still gets my stomach in knots.  

The history, the majesty, the beauty of England is indescribable.  I have watched over a hundred documentaries, drooled over thousands of pictures, read all the British literature; but the details are sharper in real life and the majesty hits with more force.  Being there was an absolute dream come true!  

Our cottage on the beach was quintessentially English, and I could definitely move in tomorrow!

I have read and reread Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach, and it was a privilege to witness it firsthand.  Listening to the waves, gazing at the French coastline, hiking the beautiful Oceanside, and even tromping through the mud, it’s easy to see where the inspiration would come.

I didn’t know how I would feel about Stonehenge.  Justin and I decided it was a must visit if only for the fact we have seen the photos in history books our whole lives.  I can say the feeling of being among something so old left us in awe.

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