When Your Worst Nightmare Comes True!

As a wedding photographer, the worst case scenario after a wedding would be the sickening crack of an SD card breaking.  This happened recently to us.  And it wasn’t the first time either.  Also luckily for us, this did not effect us in the slightest.  We had an identical copy on another SD card, so we ordered a replacement for the cracked one and went on with our process.  

Keeping images safe is the most important thing to us!  We love to capture incredible love stories, but it doesn’t matter how good of a job we did capturing that love story if all that work is lost.  A wedding day cannot be redone, so it is important to get it all right the first time!  So on a wedding day, we put two cards into our cameras, the second card acts as a backup to the first.  

After a long wedding day when we want to drop into our beds exhausted, instead we take an hour and back up each card onto an external hard drive.  And then we back that hard drive up onto another hard drive.  We do the same thing after editing a wedding day.  We export those images onto a hard drive, and then we back that up onto a mirrored hard drive.  

Thankfully we have never been faced with a dreaded call to a bride telling her her irreplaceable memories are lost.  Our goal is to never have that be the case at all!  That is why we are so crazy about our process, and why we take our job so seriously.  

Also, we have started a rather impressive hard drive collection!  We are keeping the storage business going for sure!  Haha!

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