Why You Need Two Photographers For Your Wedding

Your wedding day is the most special and wonderful day of your life!  Weddings take months and sometimes years to plan, you work tirelessly to organize every tiny detail, every flower arrangement, every table setting, the food, the music, the day, the list goes on.  Never will you spend more time orchestrating a day more completely.  

Even though you spend all that time, and all that money, and every last bit of your nerves; your wedding day will go by in a blur!  All the guests, the events, and details will become little snapshots in your mind.  That is the reason a wedding photographer is so valuable, because professional photographs can help bring those details into sharper focus.  Looking at a photo brings back the memories of the first dance and that moment you became husband and wife.  

Beyond having an experienced professional, even more importantly, you should have two!  The events of the day unfold at warp speed, the bride getting ready here, the groom over there.  A walk down the isle happens from two perspectives, and let’s not forget the look on mom’s face when a father takes his little girl into his arms and wipes a tear from his cheek.  The only way to capture all of it and do it justice is with two equally trained wedding photographers.  That is the biggest reason Justin and I do this together.  Your memories are too important, too valuable to not capture completely from every angle, including every detail.  

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