You Are Engaged! Now What?

Congratulations!  You are engaged!  What now?  For many brides, getting engaged is entirely new territory.  What do you do first?  Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be difficult if you take the right steps.

Select Your Wedding Date

I know this can open a bag of worms!  Selecting a date can feel intimidating and not something you necessarily want to hash out, so if you aren’t ready to nail down something specific, at least have a general idea.  After congratulating you, people will immediately ask, “When is the big day?!”  If you can at least say Spring 2019, that will give them an idea of a time frame and give you less of a headache.  

Call Your Family and Friends

With the advent of social media, it has become easier and easier to update everyone on life events, and some people feel a status update is good enough as an announcement.  But sometimes people miss status updates, and it can feel cold and informal.  Take a few hours to plow through your contact list to let those people most important to you know about your new adventure!  If needs be, enlist help from family members to spread the good news!

Determine a Budget

Planning and budget go hand in hand.  Knowing how much you have to spend in advance can help you select a theme and location.  A tighter budget may mean you need to prioritize in order to pull off the big day.  Make sure you and your fiance are on the same page.  This will go a long way to ensure you come out of this whole experience more connected and in love, which is the whole point!

Start Dreaming

There are so many themes and locations you can select!  The options can feel overwhelming!  Grab some bridal magazines or start pinning on Pinterest.  Once you get going, you may notice a theme appear all on its own.  Do you want a classy black tie affair in a mansion?  Would you rather barefoot it on the beach?  Is there a specific location where you attended a wedding and loved?  Narrowing it down can help so much in selecting your vendors.  You don’t need to have the centerpieces picked out by any means, but know an overall mood and feel.

Go on a Date With Your Fiance

Wedding preparation can get very busy, and it is easy to let all conversations revolve around the details and the planning.  Going on a date without any wedding talk can go a long way to keep you connected and tuned into what is most important.

Hire a Wedding Planner

A planner can make your dreams become a reality!  They are also incredible at taking care of all the little details so you and your mom don’t have to!  Your wedding day is important and you will want to have it be as stress free as possible!  Don’t want to go the planner route?  Consider hiring a coordinator to just pull off the big day.

Book a Venue

If you have a specific date in mind, do this as soon as you have it.  The best venues book up quickly, so get on the calendar as soon as possible.  Remember the venue you choose can help determine your theme for your wedding day.

Hire a Photographer

Just like a venue, photographers can book up quickly.  Choosing the right photographer is important because you spend so much time with them before the wedding and they basically follow you around all day.  You want someone you jive with and someone that represents the style you are going for and the personality of you and your fiance.  For instance, we love light, bright images because we love working with fun and happy couples!  The right photographer will also help you plan your day around the best light for your most important images.  We send our brides suggested timelines and then coordinate with them or their planner to make sure all the most important details are captured at the best time.  Leaving enough time for the images of your dreams helps your wedding day go smoothly and be stress-free!  

Most of all, enjoy the moment!  Soak in all the feelings of getting engaged to the love of your life and best friend!  Remember you are building a life together, not just planning a party.  Pulling all the pieces together can be stressful but following these initial steps can make the entire experience less hectic and more enjoyable!

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