You Thinkin’ What I’m Thinkin’?

One day Justin and I were playing hide-and-seek with our 3 girlies (which by the way is our favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon…), and Justin was “it.”  Now, I swear Justin and I have the ability to read each other’s minds.  There have been far too many times I have a song in my head that Justin suddenly starts singing.  Or I bring up a topic that he said he was just going to mention to me.  The longer we are married, the more this happens, and it’s hard to determine who should be more worried….

So, here we are playing hide-and-seek, and I have a fantastic spot in the back of our closet concealed in clothes.  I was worried with our strange connection, he would find me right away, and I am an incredibly competitive hider, like extremely serious curl up into an uncomfortable ball for 15 minutes, serious. 

I decided the solution to my dilemma was to “scramble” Justin’s brain.  I began singing in my head The Girl of Ipanema.  After a few minutes, I heard Justin come into our room singing it out loud, but he didn’t find me.  So I learned 2 things:  I can, in fact, through some telekinetic power scramble my husbands brain; but don’t worry I plan to use my powers for good and probably nothing evil…. Second, I have become an even more unstoppable hide-and-seek opponent. 

Honestly, I would be more worried about this crazy connection, but the truth is, it actually comes in handy so many times, especially when we are photographing weddings.  Since we do this together so much, we know what shots the other is going for.  I know Justin will tackle the groom’s reaction to his beautiful sweetheart walking toward him all dressed up and glowing perfectly, and he knows I will capture that look in the bride’s eyes when she knows she is marrying her soul mate.  I know he will go in for those amazing details, and he knows I will go wide to include the special guests with whom the couple is choosing to share this unforgettable moment.  We end up with a varied gallery for our oh so incredible clients. 

Now, I should say, as a backup, because sometimes things get unpredictable, we do also stay connected via “secret service” headsets.  Mostly I say, “Hey babe, you are in my shot, and by the way your butt looks fantastic in those pants.”  You know, the normal photographer to photographer talk. 

I don’t know whether to be worried or excited that Justin’s in my head and I am in his, but we love what it does for us as husband and wife and how that helps us best serve our clients.

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